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  Linda (Reich) Schweitzer Sunday, 2/22/04, 7:31 PM
  Would like to contact Linda Hillier, Des Moines, IA. I attended 3 of the early conventions - one at which Jack Lawrence performed "Linda"--what a great convention that was! I believe it was in Cedar Rapids, IA. Also went to Des Moines twice-duh I lived in Adel at the time. Have since divorced and remarried to one hunky wonderful California guy that I actually grew up with in Johnston, Iowa! Who says there's no romance after 50! Would enjoy hearing from anyone who may remember me. I sold t- shirts/ad specialties when I was working back in the '80's and 90's. Lotza fun at convention. Especially remember the sheep named Linda at Living History Farms in Des Moines, Iowa. All for now. Give me an "e"; My website may not be up yet--I am just starting a business selling on eBay. Cheers from the Central Coast of California. Linda Kay
  From: San Luis Obispo, CA (formerly Des Moines, Iowa
  Web Site: manzanitaway
  Linda Hendricks Wednesday, 1/14/04, 8:59 PM
  My college roommate notified me about the Linda's. Her name is Linda also. Am interested but it's late and I do need sleep. Will try to get back in touch. This sounds like fun!
  From: Greensboro, North Carolina
  Linda Wednesday, 1/7/04, 7:50 PM
  Want to know more or listing of members. I went to college with five Lindas(and middle names - southern double names). It would be interesting to see if any of them are members.
  From: Chesapeake, VA
  Web Site:
  E-mail: same
  Linda Becker Wednesday, 12/31/03, 6:10 PM
  Great website. I had someone tell me about your club. I didn't know there was one.
  From: Virginia Beach, VA
  Linda Oldfield Friday, 10/17/03, 9:08 AM
  Dear Linda, This is great!!!! I just sent in my membership today. Can not wait to party with the Linda's.... Thanks Linda
  From: Wellman, Iowa
  Linda Fay Vavroch Thursday, 10/9/03, 6:14 PM
  It is already October,newsletter time again,I always enjoy receiving the biannual newsletter. I hope everyone has had a good summer.
  From: Des Moines, Iowa
  Linda Morrison Friday, 9/19/03, 8:07 PM
  Good to be here.
  From: Washington, Illinois
  Linda Fay Vavroch Sunday, 8/10/03, 12:16 PM
  Thank you for another wonderful convention in the Wisconsin Dells. Also thank you to Linda Hall from Kentucky who sent me a birthday card on August 6 as well as the Linda Club for their card. It is neat getting cards from others. I have been to all 16 conventions and hope it will keep on going.
  From: Des Moines, Iowa
  Linda Engstrom Tuesday, 8/5/03, 10:48 AM
  I was informed of your organization's existance by a Linda's husband who had been e-corresponding with my husband on the ALLIS CHALMERS message board. Since the bulk of your activities seem to take place in the mid-west, I don't know if my being a member of the "Lindas" would pay. I wouldn't mind e-eaves dropping, though. Is that possible?
  From: Jacksonville, FL & German, NY
  Linda Lou Dukes Thursday, 7/31/03, 6:10 PM
  I have enjoyed seeing the web site. It is looking good. I am joining again, after going to 2 conventions. I hope to go to the next one. Let me know when and where it will be.
  From: Greenville, Kentucky
  Linda Sue Lohse-Lange Monday, 7/28/03, 10:18 AM
  Wow, what a weekend! I was one of the newbies with the group...yes, I will be back! Fun, friendly, goofy, spontaneous, spiritual, creative Linda's. Great food, gorgeous countryside, impressive circus world museum grounds/exhibits/performances, and Sunday morning songs. A big THANK YOU to the Linda who relived her circus memories while she gave us new ones. It's great to be able to "be a kid again". Coming home reminds me of the 3-day fall quilt retreat I took 10 years ago after my father had died that spring. When my husband drove me back home from a weekend of stitching which included an impromptu quilt put together for a young quilting mom undergoing chemo (she died shortly thereafter), jabbering with like-minded ladies, and being served meals, I was stunned to walk back into my kitchen, even with my 5 year old, husband, and cats...the silence was deafening! Home from Wisconsin, I'm having to adjust to not calling everyone Linda. Those of us in the Des Moines area will certainly have to get together before the next annual event, bring along other Lindas who couldn't make the 2003 event, chat and show our photos/scrapbook pages. Urbandale Library offers their meeting rooms (with kitchenettes equipped with fridge/microwave/sink) free, and the library café has sandwiches/soup as well as decadent desserts for a spur-of-the-moment get together. I need something like this more often. Wouldn't it be something to get 150+ Lindas again like at the first event? At the same time I signed up for L.I.N.D.A., I also signed up for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources' "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" weekend for this September. I have always wanted to shoot skeet and learn to fish, and by golly, I will do it with a bunch of other women of all ages in a matter of weeks. Maybe I'll meet someone named Linda, and I have those LINDA cards to pass along. I had always wanted to attend LINDA in the past, but never made connection somehow. Woo-hoo, what fun! Linda-Sue
  From: Urbandale, Iowa (Muscatine is my hometown)
  linda esta bezinover Saturday, 7/19/03, 2:51 PM
  hi! can't wait to see you lindas at convention! arriving at madison airport on thurs july 24 around 2 pm. rented car to drive to antigua bay hotel {no other transportation available} Hope I find it o.k.. see you then. love, linda b.
  From: little neck new york
  Web Site: none
  E-mail: none
  linda esta bezinover Saturday, 7/19/03, 2:44 PM
  Linda Lohse-Lange Saturday, 7/12/03, 2:16 PM
  Help! I finally made contact with the group and would like to attend the convention this year (2003). Is there still time to get my money in to attend? I use a library computer and can't get the email address. Thanks!
  From: Des Moines, Iowa, born in Muscatine
  Lynda Weeks Wednesday, 7/2/03, 10:28 AM
  This sounds like fun, but I would like to see the website have both the i and y spelling of the name!
  From: Bardstown, Kentucky
  Lynda Weeks Wednesday, 7/2/03, 10:25 AM
  From: Bardstown, Kentucky
  Linda Fay Vavroch Sunday, 6/1/03, 2:55 PM
  Anyone going to the Wisconsin Dells for the convention this year. I am looking for someone to ride with and to room with. Please call me at area 515-278-5963 or drop me a note at 2021 53rd Street Des Moines, IA 50310-1541. Thank you.
  From: Des Moines, IA
  Linda Violet Cox Tuesday, 4/22/03, 1:23 PM
  This looks like fun !
  From: Ontario
  Linda Mack Monday, 3/31/03, 10:10 AM
  Looking forward to becoming a member....
  From: Massillon, Ohio
  Linda Newell Saturday, 12/21/02, 11:17 AM
  I attended two conventions years ago and had a great time. I have had my consignment shop "Simply Linda's" for 15 years now. I have met lots of Linda's over the years. Linda's are great shoppers!
  From: Indianola, Iowa
  Web Site: Simply Linda's
  Linda Dowhaniuk Thursday, 11/21/02, 3:37 PM
  A terrific idea to have a club for Lindas, Since it means "beautiful" in Spanish we should all be aware that we are beautiful people. Linda D.
  From: Edmonton Alberta Canada
  Linda Vavroch Tuesday, 9/17/02, 6:07 PM
  I think this web site is neat. You have done a very nice job. I have never personally viewed it until today. Keep up the good work. Keep on letting the Lindas of this world know we are here and that our name lives on.
  From: Des Moines, Iowa
  Web Site: I don't have one
  E-mail: I don't have one
  Linda L. Crow Monday, 8/26/02, 11:08 AM
  I attended a convention back when you first startedI meant up with a "Linda" and was given one of the L.I.N.D.A cards. I've enjoyed looking at your web sight.
  From: Cedar Falls, Iowq
  Linda Sue Allie-Campos Thursday, 8/15/02, 4:15 PM
  Hello, I was out on an outing with my residents (Im a activity director at a local health care center). We were at Dairy Queen and a gentleman was ordering his icecream when he overheard my residents, all nine of them, saying my name. "Linda, here's my change". "Linda, where is the bathroom"? And so on. Thats when the gentleman asked, "I bet your name is Linda, right"? I said yes and he handed me a card. The card said L.i.n.d.a.! he said his wife is named Linda and I should check out the web site. I was amazed by what he was saying. So I came to see the site and it is really cool. Thank you for giving my day a lift.
  From: Illinois
  Linda Levy Wednesday, 5/8/02, 11:04 AM
  From: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  Linda Bendixen Wednesday, 4/17/02, 7:58 AM
  Heard about this club. Need to get signed up and come to the convention right next door to me.
  From: Hiawatha, Iowa
  Linda Irene Thursday, 12/20/01, 7:14 AM
  Happy Holidays to LINDA everywhere. The world has certainly changed since we spent our carefree weekend in Galena. Pray for peace. I wish you all a Happy, Healthy New Year!
  From: Madrid, IA
  Linda Bezinover Sunday, 10/28/01, 1:55 PM
  Beautiful new web page, congrats! Looking forward to more news about LINDA. Thanks again. Love, Linda Esta
  From: New York City
  Lynda Faye Fowler Monday, 10/1/01, 6:46 PM
  Been a Lynda for 47 years...never thought I'd see a Linda club... I am a left- handed Leo born on Aug.20 with A-RHneg.blood type...anybody else?
  From: Myrtle Beach,South Carolina
  Lynda McCuen Thursday, 9/13/01, 3:43 PM
  Hi Linda's from all around I love the Linda Group It proves how Linda are connected how many names do you know doing something like we do!!! GREAT BUNCH I look forward to and enjoy the anuil get together Who else could pull it off but a bunch of linda's When I tell people at first they sometimes laugh then when I say so start one with your name and they stop and think and say it won't work. They aren't willing to make a difference there lose. Thanks to a few great Linda's we are fun, active and thriving group. I Say so why does ours work???? Because we have people who care. People who want to make a diffence and change things. People who enjoy people and making new friends. I was lucky enough to be one of the six Linda Rockets this year and it was fun, sense I was up in front I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the Rockets if anyone has one and would like to share I would be glad to pay for one. I told my fanily about our fun and they say it sounds like we have toooo much fun YES WE Do and I can't waite until next years.
  From: Norwalk IA
  Linda Lu Siebert Sunday, 9/9/01, 6:52 AM
  Linda Rose, You're doing a great job on this website. Thanks for all your work. We all appreciate it. I've enjoyed attending all of the conventions and am looking forward to next year in Cedar Rapids for our 15th year. I know the Lindas organizing the 2002 Convention will do a great job and what a fun theme to work with! I love being a part of this great group of ladies. It's always an enjoyable time, and being the Sec/Treas of this group is an extra added bonus for me. See you all next year! Remember to let me know of any news that you would like to have in the newsletter. Send it to one of the L.I.N.D.A. addresses: L.I.N.D.A. P.O. Box 7 Fenton, IL 61251 / or e-mail:
  From: Lyndon, IL
  Linda Steege Friday, 8/31/01, 11:35 AM
  Hi, I am already a member of the Linda Club but have not been able to attend in the past. I do plan on going to Cedar Rapids next year. See you there. I love the web site. Good Job!
  From: Rockford, IL
  Linda L. Jackson Wednesday, 8/29/01, 7:44 PM
  From: Winterset, Iowa
  Linda Kay Melsha Sunday, 8/19/01, 5:59 PM
  Have enjoyed all conventions except Ohio, (couldn't attend- medical reasons) and each one is so special. It is such a highlite of each year and look forward to helping to put on a GREAT Convention in Cedar Rapids in 2002.
  From: Swisher, Iowa
  Linda Easther Brace Sunday, 8/19/01, 2:44 AM
  Thanks for the update. You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Really enjoyed the Galena convention. One of the best. Linda Brace
  From: West Chester, Ohio
  Linda Nentwig Saturday, 8/18/01, 3:31 PM
  I think this is wonderful! I never really liked my name when I was little, but after seeing this, I love my name!! Thanks!
  From: Montana
  Linda Kay Bruce Friday, 8/17/01, 11:24 AM
  I was doing come banking today, and the teller mentioned the Linda Club and gave me a card! How cool! I will definitely sign up, and thanks for the innovative way of getting together and having fun!
  From: Sterling, Il. 61081
  Linda L. Larson Thursday, 8/16/01, 6:28 AM
  From: Rock Falls, IL
  Linda L. Larson Thursday, 8/16/01, 6:26 AM
  From: Rock Falls, IL
  Linda Saveraid Thursday, 8/2/01, 8:32 AM
  Hi Linda, I ran into lots of Linda's at Galena last weekend. I had heard of the organization when I lived in Des Moines in 1986. What fun! I'll stay in touch and get my membership filled out. Bye!
  From: Tonka Bay, MN
  Linda Irene Thursday, 8/2/01, 7:49 AM
  Convention '2001: A LINDA Odyssey' was another great event. What a fantastic group we are that once a year we can get together and have such a good time. A BIG THANK YOU to the committee and all participants for making it memorable. I'm already jazzed for 2002's 'LINDA Luau' in Cedar Rapids. Let's make it THE BEST!
  From: Madrid, Iowa
  Linda Fruhauf Tuesday, 7/31/01, 9:11 AM
  Sounds like fun!
  From: Chicago (Des Plaines)
  Linda Underwood Sunday, 7/29/01, 4:59 PM
  I was just checking out the new web site. I'm really impressed! You're doing a great job!
  From: Shorewood, IL
  Linda Rose Thursday, 7/26/01, 9:47 AM
  Motto: All our todays are tomorrow's yesterday. Make the best of today ...Linda Keep smiling. Linda Rose
  From: IA
  Web Site: Friends Of Mysteries

Thank you to all the members who make the L.I.N.D.A. CLUB so special!!!

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