Date Rec'd in Office______________
Check # ________________

(Please Print & fill out,  Make check or M.O.  for $20.00 (U.S.D.) to L.I.N.D.A. and mail to

 L.I.N.D.A.      P O Box 7       Lyndon, IL   61261

First Name _________________ Middle Name  ________________  Last Name_________________________
(Note:  FIRST NAME must be Linda or Lynda or Lynnda or some alternative that sounds like Linda and only Linda. ) 

Address ______________________ City __________________ St _____________ Zip_________

Phone (______) ____________________ E-mail Address_______________________
Do you want your phone # printed on Membership Listing?______  E-mail on Listing? ________

Date of Birth ________________ Day of week born ______________ Time _______________

City/State where you were born ________________________ Maiden Name ___________________

Mother's First Name ____________________ Father's First Name ___________________________

Why You Were Named Linda _________________________________________________________

Color of your eyes ____________ Height _____________ Current hair color ____________

First Names of Brothers ___________________________Sisters _____________________________

If you are married, Husband's first name __________________ No. of Children _____ Gr. Child._______

Names of Sons & Daughters __________________________________________________________

Names of Grandchildren ______________________________________________________________

If you have pets, what are they and their names ________________________________________

Favorite color _____________ Favorite Bird _________________ Favorite Sport ________________

What you collect, if anything _____________________________________________

Your personality description ______________________________________________________

Occupational Interests ____________________ Current Occupation _______________________

If you have personalized license plates, what do they say? _________________________________

Something interesting about you ____________________________________________________

Favorite kind of music _____________________ What do you like to read? __________________

Favorite inspirational line(s) ___________________________________________________________

How did you hear about the L.I.N.D.A. Club? _____________________________________________

Have you ever been a member of L.I.N.D.A. before? _______ Attended any conventions?  _________

If yes, Which years _____________________________________________________________

Any ideas or suggestions for L.I.N.D.A ______________________________________________

Your personal Signature, please ________________________________________

Please Note:  NONE of the complete information asked for in this application will be shared with anyone outside of the LINDA Office. On occasion parts of the application will be used to "create" an "Average Linda" of the membership for the  year. We may use such things as most common eye color, height, parents names, kids, favorites, pets, etc. to come up with this Linda.