52 Linda’s/Lynda’s experienced the Western hospitality of Chadron, Nebraska the weekend of July 19-21, 2019.   The Linda’s/Lynda’s reconnected and made new friendships during registration time on Friday afternoon.  Linda Segers’ family and friends prepared a delicious Indian taco dinner.  Then we learned about Nebraska history through four remarkable women:  Fredan, a homesteader; Shirley, a church lady; Betty, a sharpshooter turned quilter; and Stacy, an endurance horse rider.  This was followed by homemade ice cream and brownies.

After our business meeting on Saturday morning, we toured Fort Robinson State Park and saw two museums, one about the fort’s history and one named Trailside Museum about geology and natural history.  We then traveled to Crawford, Nebraska and enjoyed a delicious potato bar at the Gate City Hotel and Grill.  Our Saturday evening banquet was held on the Chadron State College campus where we toured the Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center.  After a delicious meal, awards were distributed by our Mistress of Ceremonies, Linda Clark.  The ladies tested their Nebraska knowledge with a trivia test.  We went back to our hotel to find out who won our raffle and silent auction prizes.

During our Sunday morning program, a check for $1,400 was presented to representatives from the Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center.  This money is raised from the proceeds of our raffle and silent action.

Chairwoman for the 2019 convention was Linda Segers and her committee was Linda Clark, Linda Hueser, Linda Cornell, Linda Macklin, Linda Martin, Linda Buss, Linda Witek and Linda Rumppe.

Some of the spouses/significant others of  the Linda’s/Lynda’s enjoyed a Saturday excursion to the Mammoth Site and Museum and the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.