What do we do at a convention? 


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Our Convention History

 The very first one ... Now you know.

1987 - Cedar Rapids, IA July 25th “First Time Ever.”  T-shirt was hot pink with black lettering.  The theme was the script letter L with 160 Lindas attending. Bob Greene did an article in "Esquire" magazine. Linda Pasvogel and Linda Eaton,  co- planners.

(Just FYI, when we say Linda we also mean Lynda)

1988 - Des Moines, IA Sept. 23 - 25 “LINDA ‘88,”   T-shirt was black with white lettering. The theme was sheep.  There was a sheep at Living History Farms that was named Linda.  127 Lindas attending.  Linda Pasvogel & Linda Eaton, co-planners

1989 - Cedar Rapids, IA Sept. 15 - 17 “Third Time’s A Charm.”   T-shirt was turquoise with silver lettering. The theme was Lady Bugs and charms. There were 95 Lindas attending.  Jack Lawrence was the guest of honor at this convention.  He wrote the song "Linda."  (When I go to sleep, I never count sheep, I count all the charms about Linda ...)  Linda Pasvogel and Linda Eaton, co-planners.

1990 - Rockford, IL Sept. 14 -16 “Bridges & Butterflies” T-shirt was peach with rust and black lettering. The theme was Bridges and Butterflies, depicting crossing over the river and migrating to a new state.  70 Lindas attending.  Dickey Lee, who wrote the song "I Saw Linda Yesterday" was the guest of honor and also the main entertainment for the evening.  First year for the "Linda in Lights" sign.  Linda Siebert, planner.

1991 - Scott County Park, Davenport, IA Sept. 20 - 22  “5th Year Roundup and Reunion.”   T-shirt was a long sleeve navy blue with gold lettering. The theme was western/campout.  37 Lindas attending.  Linda Pasvogel and Linda Eaton, co-planners.

1992 - No Convention was held this year

1993 - Fulton, IL/Clinton, IA Oct. 9th “Linda Time.”   T-shirt was light gray with black lettering. The theme was bowling & clowns. 19 Lindas attending.  Linda Pasvogel, Linda Eaton and Linda Siebert, co-planners.

1994 - Des Moines, IA July 15 - 17 “Linda, It Bears Repeating.”  T-shirt was white with lettering in red and blue.  41Lindas attending. Linda Vavroch, Linda Pasvogel and Linda Siebert, co-planners. .

1995 - Columbus, OH July 14 - 16 “Discover Linda in Columbus.”  T- shirt was light gray with a multicolor design and black lettering.   The theme was Columbus & Ships.  Attended by 75 Lindas.  Linda Robinson, planner.

1996 - Des Moines, IA July 26 - 28 “Hats Off To Linda.”  T-shirt was white with pink lettering and design. Attended by 51 Lindas.  The Linda Scholarship Fund" was established.  Linda Dusenberry, planner.

1997 - Davenport, IA July 18 - 20 “Tenth Year Celebration - The Best of Linda.”  T-shirt was white with a multi-color design and black lettering.  52 Lindas and 2 visitors from England, Ann Trenneman, a free lance editor, and her photographer, John Kernick, doing an article for "marie-claire" magazine.   Linda Swafford, planner.

1998 - Rock Falls, IL July 31 - Aug. 2   “Linda Rocks Rock Falls.”  T-shirt was red with black and white and gold lettering and design.   The theme was "Rock 'N Roll and the 50's."  47 Lindas attending.  Linda (Reedy) Ingold & Linda Stricklin, co-planners.

1999 - St. Louis, MO July 30 - Aug. 1 “Meet Me In St. Louie, Linda.”  T-shirt was white with a multi-color design and black lettering. Theme was meeting Lindas under the big Arch.  43 Lindas attending.   At this convention Alan Berliner and his crew followed Lindas around and made us a part of his documentary on names.  Linda Gardner from Wallsend,  NSW Australia came the longest distance to the LINDA Convention.  Linda Hillier, planner.

2000 - Joliet, IL July 21 - 23 “Looking For Linda.”  T- shirts were black with a multicolored embroidered design and lettering.  The theme was a "Mystery".  38 Lindas attending.  Linda Underwood, planner

2001 - Galena, IL July 27 - 29 “A Linda Odyssey.”  T-shirts were light blue with black lettering.  The theme Rocket Launch/Space.  48 Lindas attending.  Linda Stricklin & Linda Pasvogel, co-planners.

2002 - Cedar Rapids, IA July 26 - 28 “ A Linda Luau.”  T-shirts were all different colors (Lindas said what their favorite color was and shirt colors were based on that) with white lettering and design.  Very colorful!   The theme was a Luau/Hawaiian.  44 Lindas attending.  Linda Barron & Linda Melsha, co-planners.

2003 - Wisconsin Dells, WI July 25 - 27  “Linda Goes To The Circus - A Sweet 16th Big Top Time."  T-shirt was royal blue with multicolor design & black lettering.  The theme was the Circus.  33 Lindas attending.  Linda Cundiff, planner.

2004 - Rockford, IL July 30 - Aug 1 “Celebrate Linda - Treat Yourself Like a Star”   T-shirts were Gold with black lettering.  The theme was a play on the "Oscar Ceremonies."  42 Lindas attending.  Linda Siebert, planner.

2005 - Lexington Kentucky, July 22 - 24  "Horsin' Around in Lexington, KY."  T-shirts were light blue with dark blue lettering & design.  The theme was horses/racetrack.  76 Lindas attending.  Linda Hall, planner.

2006 - Columbus, IN  July 21-23  "A Portrait of Linda."  T-shirts were yellow with dark blue lettering & design.  The theme was "Art."  53 Lindas attending.  Linda Pierson, planner.

2007 - Moline, IL  July 20-22  "A Linda Celebration"  T-Shirts were Kiwi Lime Green with Chocolate Brown design and lettering.  The theme was Riverboat Cruise.  65 Lindas were in attendance.  Linda Ingold and Linda Stricklin - Co-Planners.

2008 - Omaha, NE  July 18-20 "Lindas Going Ape In the Big 'O'"  T-Shirts were Chocolate Brown with Pink design and Lettering.  The theme was monkeys/zoo.  52 Lindas attending.  Linda Barron and Linda Melsha - Co-Planners.

2009 - Indian Rocks Beach, FL  July 24-26  "Linda's Beach Bash 2009"  T-Shirts were Teal with Pink design and lettering. The theme was beach things. 53 Lindas attending. Linda (Callahan) Pennington and Linda Swafford - Co-Planners. 

2010 - Elizabethtown, KY  July 23-25   "Linda's Unbridled Adventure" -  T-Shirts were Blue with White lettering & multi-color design.  56 Lindas attending.  Linda Norris, Planner

2011 - Chicago, IL  July 22-24   "Another Fabulous Year"  - T-Shirts were Hot Pink with Black lettering & design.  58 Lindas attending.   Linda Padgurskis and Linda Rumppe, Co-Planners

2012 - Cedar Rapids, IA  July 27-29   "Linda's Silver Threads To Golden Friends"  T-Shirts were Purple Heather with Silver design and lettering - This was  the 25th Anniversary of L.I.N.D.A.   84 Lindas attending.  Linda Barron and Linda Melsha, Co-Planners.

2013 - Las Vegas, NV   July 26-28   "Linda Lights Up Las Vegas"  T-Shirts are Desert Sand Tan with Green and silver design and lettering. 68 Lindas attending - Linda Cundiff,  Planning Chairman.

2014 - Memphis, TN   July 25-27    "LINDA Shakes, Rattles and Rolls Memphis"    Linda Rumppe, Planning Chairman.  T-Shirts are White with Black lettering/design - 60 Lindas attending

2015 - Linda, CA  July 24-26  "It's All About LINDA"  Linda Lu Siebert, Planning Chairman. T-Shirts are Bright Tie-Dye with White and Gold design/lettering.  43 Lindas attending.

2016 - Branson, MO  July 22-24  "Sights & Sounds of Branson"  Linda Rumppe, Planning Chairman.  T-Shirts are Heather Green with Black lettering/design.   71 Lindas attending.

2017 - Dubuque, IA  July 21-23  "30 Years - The Boardwalk of LINDA" - Linda Clark and Linda Gray are Co-Planning Chairs.  T-Shirts were Ice Gray with Emerald Green and Silver Metalic lettering & dedign.  There were 80 Lindas attending.

2018 - Natchez, MS  July 20-22   "Lindas Having A Magnolia-Scent Time in Natchez" -  Linda Hinzie is the Chairman. Check back later for more information.