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Lindas Involved in Network Development Association

The idea of a “Linda Convention” was first discussed in the mid ’70’s by a couple of Lindas who were friends and co-workers. The idea lingered and then in 1987 Linda Lou Pasvogel and Linda Rae Eaton planned a party (it was going to be a one time thing) called the “First Ever Linda Convention”. It took place on July 25th in Cedar Rapids, IA. One Hundred Sixty (160) ladies named Linda attended. They had such a good time they decided to meet again the following year and the rest is history. Since that first convention there have been many more annual conventions held, mostly in the Mid-West, but we are venturing further away from the starting place. We have held conventions in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee, Nevada and California. L.I.N.D.A. has also been established as a Not-For-Profit Corporation with a nine-Linda Member Board of Directors. The club is self-supported by yearly membership dues. We have members throughout the United States and also have current members in Canada. We have also had members from Norway, England and Australia in the past.

Membership is open to all ages, with the only requirement being that your FIRST name must be Linda (Lynda or Lynnda or other spellings as long as it is pronounced LINDA). The dues are $20 per calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31) and includes an official L.I.N.D.A. membership card, membership list for the year, and 4 newsletters with lots of “Linda” news.

There is a Linda club Facebook page that many of our Lindas use to keep in touch during the year, although it is not affiliated with the official lindaclub.org. There are two Linda Facebook pages on Facebook – Linda club and Linda Club. Our primary page is Linda club (with a small “c”). We are a close sisterhood and have made many dear friendships through our club. We hope you’ll want to become part of an international organization designed just for you…….LINDA/LYNDA!

Our email address is lindaclub2018@gmail.com

Our website is http://www.lindaclub.org

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